Outline & History

Since we established, we have been growing with major electronics companiy all over the world.


Company Name UNIFIVE
Established December 1989
Capital USD3,000,000
Employee China Factory 560
Japan 12
Taiwan 10
As of Dec/2017
The average age of the direct  labor here is 25 and indirect  labor is 29.
The labor who continuous working period over  3years is 12%~13%.
Product Range Led driver  Semi Switching Adaptor
I.T.E & AV AC-DC Adaptor /
Open Flame Switching Power supply
Medical Use AC Adaptor
 DECT Telephone & VOIP AC-DC Adaptor  DC-DC Adaptor (Car charger)


Dec.1898 Unifive Co.,Ltd. Founded in Chiyoda district Tokyo Japan at capital of ¥5,000,000
Dec.1990 Company moved to Edogawa district, Tokyo Japan
Apr.1995 Overseas Division set up
Oct.1996 Power supply division set up
Oct.1998 Unifive Technology set up in Taiwan(R.O.C)
Feb.2001 Mainland China factory set up(1st factory)
Nov.2002 USA branch set up
Dec.2003 Korea set up
May.2008 Unifive International Limited set up in Hong Kong
Nov.2008 Operate as Unifive Group
Aug.2009 Chinese domestic sales  division set up
Jan.2018 Taipei R&D center set up

You can get the product catalog in PDF.

Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through a rigorous quality,

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