What is the role of the AC adapter?

This page explains about the role of the AC adapter. We also explain about pros by adopting the AC adapter in an easy-to-understand manner. At our company, all sales staff are proposing AC adapter which is useful for customers as a consultant of power supply.

What happens if there is no AC adapter?

If you do not use the AC adapter, you need to include the function to convert AC to DC in the product.
It is no longer necessary to carry the equipment and the AC adapter together, but the equipment itself becomes heavy.

Reason why AC adapter is used frequently

The number of steps required to procure and manage besides the parts required for the power supply circuit in addition to the parts required for the equipment can be reduced, purchasing the power supply circuit as a part eliminates the development cost and reduces cost to the manufacturer.
Another good point to use the AC adapter isthat by replacing the AC adapter even if the power supply circuit breaks down or becomes unusable due to a power supply circuit with a shorter lifetime than the device, it is possible to continue to use the device without replacing whole devices.
In recent years, equipment that uses rechargeable batteries can also be used as a battery charger is also a reason why the AC adapter is often used. As an example of usabilityfrom the user's point of view, by preparing an AC adapter for each workplace and home, it is only with the personal computer main body to carry with everyday commuting, and luggage is lighter and it is saved.

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Product initiatives

Since 1989, UNIFIVE has maintained the quality of their AC power adapters and switching power supplies through a rigorous quality,

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